My Valentine’s Day Gift For You

Pretend you’re sitting at my kitchen table. Pretend I offer you something to drink, like chocolatey-chai tea. Pretend I have to take a dirty cup out of the dishwasher and wash it. Pretend I hand you your tea, but forget to give you sugar or honey or a spoon. Pretend I give you a red construction paper valentine. Pretend you open it and find…

Bee and Me. I just “read” this wordless picture book to Vivi, got up from my couch, set her in front of the IPAD, and opened up my blog to write this. That’s how much I liked it. It’s a story about a girl and a bee and wildflowers and hope, likely found at your local library!

(I was attracted to the cover of this book because I knew my husband would be intrigued. On a side note, tasting honey in winter is a bit like pillow-cases that smell like last summer. Stan’s honey, or rather the honey made by bees with whom Stan spends inordinate amounts of time, has a different taste than the regular canola honey I’m used to. It’s more floral and reminds me of the miracle of tasting wildflowers while the snow falls.)


This book. So proud of my friend and writing coach, Kirsten Krymusa, for curating her summer in a French cottage for the rest of us to read, laugh about and imagine.


The poem, Staying Power, by Jeanne Murray Walker (thanks for the recommendation Kirsten). Here’s a teaser:

…Pick up any language by the scruff of its neck
wipe its face, set it down on the lawn,
and I bet it will toddle right into the godfire
again, which—though they say it doesn’t
exist—can send you straight to the burn unit…

And today’s song, When Love Meets Dust , by Alana Levandoski. I’d like to meet her someday, she doesn’t live too far away! (Thanks for the recommendation Rebecca.)

alana levandoski

…Pretend these beautiful words and notes spill all over the table. Pretend it’s my gift to you.

Happy Valentine’s!

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