Special perks for email followers

Are you curious about the writing process? Do you ever wonder what goes through a writer’s mind while they are penning their first draft? Do you like to read stream-of-consciousness kind of writing? If so, consider clicking the follow button on the right-hand side of your screen. In fact, just a few hours ago some lucky email followers got a sneak peak at what is behind the average Experimenting As We Grow blog post; they got to read through a completely unedited first draft. It was the kind of draft some authors call the “vomit draft”, the purge-your-mind kind of writing where thoughts are spewed out in messy chunks.

It isn’t a habit of mine to publish this kind of writing. Today, when I realized I’d pushed the wrong key (the “publish” button instead of the “save” button) I yelped out loud, then collected myself and quickly deleted it from my blog. What I didn’t realize was that all the readers who receive email notification of my new posts now had my incoherent, pukey writing immortalized in their inboxes, beyond the reach of my delete key.

When my kind Auntie Erika notified me about this minutes ago, wondering if I wasn’t “ready for it to go live yet”, I started blushing as if a teacher had caught me writing notes about a cute boy in class. While my face flushed and burned Stan had a different reaction.

“Well,” he said matter-of-factly, “if people are wondering about your writing process they got lucky today.”

Yes. Yes indeed. Step right up folks! You, too, may have a behind-the-scenes look at my writing someday if you simply press the FOLLOW button on the sidebar of your screen. It’s that easy my friends. First drafts available here, but only for the lucky ones!


7 thoughts on “Special perks for email followers

  1. Yup I read that blog and thought to myself…..has she had too much alcohol LOL I was quite puzzled and thought man I have never seen her make so many spelling mistakes etc. Now that I realize what you did and that is how your first draft looks I think it is hilarious!!! Auntie Fritz

  2. I thought I had already made a comment about this, sorry if this is a repeat! I wasn’t able to get through the previous blog, so confusing! I wasn’t sure if it was my brain or the fact that my daughter, a soon to be bride arrived home…

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