The Only Princess He’s Willing to Carve*

Every year our daughters pitch their ideas for our annual snow sculpture and most years their list starts with a Disney princess. This year was no different. Susanna requested Anna and Elsa, but her daddy made Elizabeth instead. If you’ve read this book by Robert Munsch you’ll know why.

After many days of helping shovel, pack, measure, saw, dig, slice, and whittle, I’d like to write a philosophical essay on snow sculptures and their ephemeral quality, or something that sounds deep while including witty quips from the carvers, but it’s late. And my fingers are still stiff from the cold; it only reached -24 C today. Here are some pictures instead.

Until next time,
Tricia (for the carving crew)

*Other than Princess Auto. But how would you carve that?


Belén helped more this year than ever before.


Susanna, carving one of the very IMPORTANT parts


Stanley, the genius behind this all. Or as he says it, “The crazy fool who squanders thirty hours playing with snow.”



the back view with dragon wings



We call this part the “Bravinder Tail”. Thanks Derek for shoveling!







12 thoughts on “The Only Princess He’s Willing to Carve*

  1. Wow! I’d say you would hardly call that “squandering” time. Such a beautiful creation and valuable hours spent with his girls. They are lucky!

  2. Hi guys That is truly amazing. Stan you are one talented guy and Tricia love to read your posts you are a gifted writer and I know you will one day publish a best seller. Happy New you to you all and we will see you on Tuesday before your parents and us take off on our holiday. Les

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  3. The Tinkers all love the snow sculpture! It looks amazing. What a fun project for winter time. Mary says she misses Belen and Susanna, so a big hello to the girls.

  4. This one is truly amazing. They just get better every year. And I agree with the comment that this is time well spent doing something creative as a whole family. What great memories. See you soon

  5. All I can say is “Oh. My. Word! What a great tradition and memories for a lifetime. This is mom. Dad hasn’t seen the pictures yet. He is building up the fires in the house and shop.

  6. I had to come and look again. So amazing – I can’t even imagine how you start a project like this. Stan must have some really neat blueprints mapped out in his head or something. Do you have many people drive by your tourist attraction? I bet you’re the talk of the town!

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