We’ve gotten into the routine of laying Vivian beside Belén and Susanna when we tuck them in at night. One evening this week we were hanging out on Susanna’s bed making jokes at Vivi’s expense, as usual (she’s got the craziest facial expressions), when I looked at their three heads pressed together. And as mothers are wont to do, I started thinking about the future, imagining how it will be when they are older.

“When Vivi’s 8 and you two are 16 and 18 I hope we still cuddle in bed together. Vivi will love listening to you; but then you’ll be talking about–”

“Science?” Susanna interrupts me.

“Why yes. Of course you’ll be talking about science. And tools. Maybe cars too,” I say, glad she didn’t let me finish the sentence with boys and other such nonsense.


Belén enlists Ainsly’s help

DSCN9007_ DSCN9010_ DSCN9014_

Belén started working on a treehouse this week. She’s spent hours hammering, sawing and making her platform amongst the branches of our apple tree feel like home. I suspect that’s where she’ll be most of the weekend…

Enjoy yours,



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