Breakfast recipe: Berry Nests

Stan likes to remind me we have about a week of summer where we live. Unlike him, I grew up in this climate so my definition of summer can include frost and heavy sweaters. It also includes a lot of water and berries…


We have enough lakes around here that we don’t often pull out our sprinkler. Yesterday, though, I was too exhausted to think about getting to the beach so I lay my pile of belly in the shade and watched the girls play.


Susanna and I picked wild saskatoons last night. While dropping each precious little berry into our buckets, I suggested we savour our harvest since we’d worked so hard for it. “These are a delicacy, you know. We’ll have to eat them one at a time, very slowly.”

“Oh no,” Susanna disagreed, “Let’s scoop them up in big handfuls and eat a whole bunch at once.”

And then I thought of one of my favourite short stories and realized she’s got a point. Sometimes it’s worth it to revel in abundance.



Wild saskatoons. I think they are also known as “service berries” in the US.


Victorious, with half a pail of saskatoons.

I decided I didn’t want to make pie with these berries; I think their intense flavour is best appreciated in their most natural state. I also decided adding some fat and protein to the berries would make for a hearty breakfast. It did. The kids didn’t ask for anything to eat for hours after this. In fact, we had to drape ourselves over our dining room chairs to recuperate after the meal.


breakfast… the first serving, anyway

Nest of Berries

Roast raw almonds on a cookie sheet in a 350 oven for 15 minutes. (I burn mine 98% of the time, so keep a close eye on them.)  Whip heavy cream with vanilla and sugar to taste. Soften a good portion of cream cheese (be very generous) and whip in a separate bowl. Incorporate cream cheese into the whip cream until smooth. Make wreathes of the whip cream mixture and fill the centres with plenty of saskatoons. Stud the wreath with toasted almonds and serve. Keep extra berries handy to refill wreathes periodically. Be grateful for the calories and the bounty of it all.

Happy week of summer to you,




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