A Three Dollar Escape

I checked out fares to Cancun last night (you’d do it too if you were still wearing long underwear) and calculated that a little warmth would cost us $2,655.72. I almost pressed BOOK NOW. Almost. Then, this morning I went to our local farmer’s market and bought a bushy basil plants for $3. The licorice smell filled the whole house as I pinched off a handful of leaves and shredded them with a sharp knife. I scraped the bruised herb into a small bowl and set it on the table beside the cashews, green onions, and mangoes. There was no ocean spray, no hot sand, no salsa music, no bustling market, but there was something green. Something with chlorophyll and roots–something growing–that I’d harvested only seconds before our meal. And it was worth every cent I spent.


I’ll probably kill the basil shortly so I thought I’d better take a picture sooner rather than later.

Have a good weekend.

If you’re feeling restless (no Canadian would blame you at this point), try some basil.



2 thoughts on “A Three Dollar Escape

  1. Basil is my favourite… I’m busy imagining the dishes I could invent with the basil, the mangoes and the cashews… Add some chilies and I’m imagining some great fish tacos, or curry or … What did you make?

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