Sunday Ski

3 hours spent stripping skis and re-applying wax

2 resistant daughters

2 insistent parents

49 attempts to herd bodies towards the door

3 trips back to the house for forgotten paraphenelia

1 wrong turn; 4 buried wheels; 10 minutes spent shoveling

2 cars (including ours) at the trail head

34 degrees below zero

4 hot shot hand-warmers stuffed into mittens

2 parallel ribbons of crisp snow

3 woolly moose lumbering through the poplar

9 piles of coyote poop

2 woodpeckers

8 ruddy cheeks

3 open zippers

6 km of kicking, gliding, climbing, tromping, skating, sailing

26 minutes in a ski-shack with a crackling fire

968 hoary lashes

8 strong legs

4 pumping hearts

1 setting sun melting like butter over cattails, aspen, and little-girl silhouettes

3 laments over the missing camera

0 pictures

1 measly poem

4 happier humans


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