DIY Knit Wool Choker

This is not a knitting tutorial. Although I have a habit of overestimating myself, I am realistic about my fiber art capabilities. Instead, let me share a few pictures of what I did with a gorgeous (albeit small) skein of hand-spun wool. The wool was a gift from my friend, Shalain, who bought it from the sheep farmer who’d spun and dyed it herself, so it was some trepidation that I started working with it. I was afraid anything I might do would detract from, rather than enhance, the product.

I knew I didn’t have enough wool for a full scarf and I wasn’t thrilled about making a dishcloth, so I thought I’d try a choker/necklace type of thing. I googled it before I started and didn’t see anything like what I intended to make. (Could that be a sign?) I’m still not sure about the end result; you can judge for yourself…   DSCN7295_


I alternated between stockinette and garter stitch to give it a bit more texture, but I think I should’ve stuck with the garter stitch (it tends to roll inward in the stockinette sections). I added some silver beads when I was finished and a few mismatched buttons for the closure.

Thanks for the lovely gift, Shalain!



One thought on “DIY Knit Wool Choker

  1. I like it. Very pretty yarn and I like the addition of the buttons. Wear it with pride! I’ve bought a bit of yarn lately and have been doing some basic knitting – just infinity scarves, but I want to try a slouchy toque.

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