DIY Beeswax wraps; an alternative to plastic wrap


I considered titling this post How to Wreck Your Iron but thought I needed something more upbeat. The truth is, these wraps are well worth making if you already wash plastic ziplocs or are particularly aesthetically motivated, but there are certain things you should know before you start like A) use a piece of scrap wood instead of your ironing board and, B) use an old iron (I used my good iron and managed to clean it but I don’t recommend following suit.)

Several months ago my friend, Shanon, purchased several packages of these wraps and gifted one to me. I was surprised by how well they work to wrap sandwiches and keep leftovers fresh in the fridge. I also loved their honey fragrance–though this has faded from use, and thought I might be able to replicate the product on my own.

Here’s what I used:

-clean cotton scraps

-a chunk of beeswax from our local honey producers

-a fine cheese grater (preferably one dedicated to wax crafts) Of course, I never heed tips like this and just use my regular grater only to get frustrated afterwards when I clean it

-wax paper or parchment paper

-an iron

-a flat surface you don’t mind getting waxy (I used my regular ironing board and ruined it)


grating beeswax can be tedious; get ready for a workout if you are making lots of these


fabric sprinkled with beeswax


You can make these wraps in the oven but I like how you can see the wax melting (and control it a little more) with the iron.


wrap sandwiches up like presents

To make beeswax wraps:

1. Cut squares/rectangles of several sizes out of cotton.

2. Place parchment/wax paper on ironing surface, then cotton, and sprinkle with grated beeswax.

3. Cover with a second piece of parchment/wax paper and iron (on the cotton setting) until wax is melted. You will know you have enough beeswax if the fabric looks evenly wet. You need to make sure all the fabric is covered in beeswax to make them airtight.

4. While the wax is hot, remove wax paper and hold fabric in the air to let it cool for 30 seconds before laying down…the wraps are now ready!

5. Rinse with cold water after each use.


I’ve never once used a ribbon with these… this is a photo set-up. Some people attach velcro or buttons; some sew baggies out of their wraps. I find mine work fine without much fuss although sometimes I use an elastic to hold them to a bowl. (The beeswax should warm enough from your fingers, when pressing it against dishes, to stay in place).


While -50c windchill has driven me to reinventing Saran wrap, others of us have started screenwriting. Yesterday Susanna and Belén spent hours yesterday collaborating on a script they plan on developing with claymation. Later in the day Susanna had her friend, Kirsi, over to play and I overheard them starting another writing project.

“So how do you want the introduction to go?” Susanna asked Kirsi. Kirsi looked a little unsure so Susanna continued, “You know, like every movie starts with something…”

Kirsi looked up at her and asked with awe, “You mean this is going to be a movie?”

“Yeah,” Susanna answered easily, as if a Hollywood old-timer, “This is gonna get published.”

And then they worked earnestly on it for most of the afternoon, propelled by their imminent success, I’m sure.


hard at work

I just asked my girls if they thought they would have an allergic reaction to their clothes tomorrow morning, since they haven’t worn them for so long. I’m personally looking forward to getting out of my MEC fleece pants; I’ve worn them for two weeks straight (don’t worry, I change the layer underneath), even for the Christmas Eve candlelight service. I counted at least 3 people wearing ski-pants at the same service and felt bad for the city girl who thought she had to wear a skirt.

I wish you all success as you get back to wearing “normal” clothes in 2014,



6 thoughts on “DIY Beeswax wraps; an alternative to plastic wrap

  1. What a great idea! I never considered it would be such an easy DIY! Great job! The store bought ones were gifts in our household too this christmas. 🙂 I love these wraps!

  2. Great idea! Really enjoying all your posts Trish, sorry I haven’t commented more as I read most of them just in my email inbox. Wishing you and your family many blessings in 2014!!

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