Belén and Susanna… where the pavement turns to gravel on the way to my brother’s farm (also my childhood home). Belén wore her “bindi” (the sticker you see in the middle of her forehead) for two days.

I think we might have found the Emerald City; it’s summer in the prairies.

Stan went to Cincinnati, Ohio for a work conference in April, a couple of years ago. Our yard was covered in snow when he left and the trees were as dark and leafless as wrought iron. When he came back he said he’d discovered his favourite colour: green. He couldn’t stop talking about the parks, the grass, and the growth he’d seen. That’s how I feel today. Only it’s July, and I haven’t made a trip to Ohio; just our backyard garden…


Front: Arikara yellow bush bean
Back: Snap peas just about to set pods



Ever-bearing strawberry blossoms… we eat the berries just a little under-ripe so we can get them before the slugs do…


The garlic scapes are ready! (with parsnips-and weeds–growing nearby)


Broccoli bed with snap peas in the middle: the broccoli heads are looking small and timid–nothing like the huge florets you see in the store, but they’ll keep on giving throughout the season once I start harvesting them.


Sage, starting to flower. It over-wintered beautifully this year… it’s a pity I don’t find more things to use it in.


Nasturtium, blue corn flower, tomatoes, lettuce, rogue chamomile, green beans and tiger lilies are starting to fill up the beds.


flowers, tomatoes and beans…the cherry tomatoes are starting to climb the sticks propped against the garage.



Arugula (the third planting survived the attack of the beetles!), basil and rosemary.


Our asparagus patch is vibrating with bees. We are not sure what species this is as there are many native species here. (Stan took this photo.)


What’s your favourite colour?



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