A good man

Stan and I fight.

About big things–like how to raise our children, and little things–like the shoes we trip over in our tiny back entrance.

I get frustrated. He get’s frustrated. And in the end, everyone’s unhappy.

It gets messy.

Anger, selfishness, and pride lurk around our place and get under our skin.

But not all the time.

Curiosity, humour, creativity, and generosity, take up residence here, too. Thank goodness for that.


Stan, Belén and Susanna kneading dough for cinnamon rolls. The girls rarely see glutinous dough and they were blown away by it. So stretchy! So shiny! So workable! Gluten is amazing.


Stan harvesting stinging nettle for me.



Stan, making a rack to store canoes, 2 by 4’s, and other miscellany from our garage.


Male mosquito antenae under a microscope. Stan bought the microscope so he and the girls could check things out: hair, bugs, skin, kefir grains…


Stan, making a roof rack for our vehicle out of reclaimed metal.


Remember how I wanted to write on my walls? Stan made me this chalkboard to put in our entrance.

Even though we don’t agree on everything around here, we do know one thing. We’ve got a good man. In fact, it’s a pity I don’t recall “how good I’ve got it” (something I relish informing Stan about his wife) more often; like every time the tensions seeps in between the cracks of loveliness in our home.

Have a great weekend honouring the good men around you…



2 thoughts on “A good man

  1. love this blog entry! I saw ice cream maker on your chalk board. Any chance you’d be up for making dairy-free coconut milk ice cream? I’ve never tried it but I want to b/c I miss the stuff:(

    • I’ve had the coconut stuff from Superstore and I think it’s quite good… WE got our ice cream maker at a garage sale years ago and I think it’s heading for the dump, or some similar fate. That doesn’t mean we can’t share some bought ice cream this summer, though!

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