For the locals

It’s storming here. The sidewalk the girls worked on clearing, for hours, is covered once again. Spring lasted approximately 48 hours.

Direct quote from Belén, 7:46 am, Tuesday, April 30:

I was ready for a change. It’s kind of nice to wear ski pants in snow again.”

So dear locals, mull that over while you shovel your cars out this morning. You might not hear that sentiment anywhere else today.

PS. I once talked to a lady–she immigrated to Manitoba from South America–who complained people here always talk about the weather. “Can’t they move on to something more important?” she complained. I don’t believe she had lived here long enough to recognize the folly of her question.


The pussy willows I collected on Sunday remind me it wasn’t just a dream. Checkout those pink ones on the red willow!


2 thoughts on “For the locals

  1. Way to look on the bright side Belen! Tyler definitely did not have a similar positive response this morning! Enjoy your day.

  2. Yes, that’s great about seeing the bright side! Kids are fantastic! I love the pussy willows. I miss them. I’m not sure if there aren’t any here or if maybe I just haven’t seen them. In my home state of Michigan there were plenty though. But I still prefer our weather here!

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