What did you do this weekend?

We sat around and watched the snow melt. Literally.

At 12:30pm, Sunday afternoon, we put a stick at the edge of the glacier in our yard. About every half hour we’d look and see a few more blades of grass appearing where the snow had been. We took breaks from our watch, of course. I planted snap peas in a bit of bare soil by the fence; Susanna and Belén agreed the sun wasn’t producing results fast enough and decided we needed to see our sidewalk again.


You can see where we set the lawn chairs up to watch the snow melt (and envision a garden).



After the girls cleared most of our walk we took turns sauntering down its length–feeling awfully civilized to be treading on cement (instead of wallowing in snow).

Besides the peas, we also planted compost. I have three large, unruly piles at the back of our property, but we wanted to try a little experiment:


a pail full of kitchen scraps, dumped in a hole in the dirt

We marked the spot where we buried these scraps (in one of our garden beds) and plan to check periodically to see how fast they decompose.


Remember how Belén looked in 9 different stores to find just the right diary? Well, something happened along the way; she lost all her money. She was carrying around her entire life savings (22 loonies and 2 toonies) in a jar because her wallet wasn’t large enough to hold all the coins. By the time we finally found the journal, several days after the first shop we visited, she realized she had lost the money to pay for it.

“Did you check your room?” I asked her. “And the car? …The playroom? …Under the couches?”

“I checked everywhere and it’s nowhere, Mom.”

After I made her go check our vehicle again–you could lose a small child in there and not know the difference–she asked about what would happen if we never found it. Who would pay the losses? Would she have to save up her allowance for months to recuperate the 26 dollars, or would mom and dad kick in with some insurance?

I held off on my answer, partly  because I wasn’t sure what to do. As a kid, I was perpetually losing things (and still am) so I have compassion for such deliquency; on the other hand I was sure that more consistent, wiser, stronger, disciplined parents would take this opportunity to teach a hard lesson and forge real character in their obedient and wonderful children. Then, several days later, she said the last time she remembered holding it she was in Walmart.

“Oh-oh, that’s not good. I don’t think a little jar with shiny coins will last long there, but I’ll try calling just in case.” And so, I apologetically explained to the customer service associate that I was looking for some money. Twenty-two loonies and two toonies, to be exact.

“Is it in a small jar?” She questioned. “Someone brought it here a few days ago. Said they found it in electronics.”

We don’t need the evening news to hear about people who are mean and nasty. Aren’t we all mean and nasty at some point? I am.  Mostly with my darling children. But isn’t it nice to think about what went through the person’s mind who picked up Belén’s cash? Oddly enough, we never went close to the electronic section the day we were in Walmart. Perhaps someone planned on stealing it but their conscious kicked in by the time they got to the electronics section. More likely, the truth is less dramatic. Whatever the story, all of us were happy with the ending.


At home, with the savings jar safe and sound. I guess Susanna thought she needed something to show too.



PS. By 5:30pm there was a foot-and-a-half gap between the stick and snow, in case you were curious.


9 thoughts on “Relief

  1. We absolutely love to hear about your lives. Please don’t quit blogging. How encouraging to hear a story like this! Belen, sounds like you get this honestly (misplacing/losing things) from your mom and this grandma. 🙂

  2. So glad you found your money, Belen. Now you should buy insurance from your mom and dad! (for the rest of the money)

  3. Imagine the person (adult or child) seeing Belen’s smiling face clutching her jar of coins… A wonderful lesson for both parties:)
    Happy snow melting for the remainder of the week- fingers crossed there’s no adding to the banks!!!!

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