Many blogs have a Friday tradition of posting a single photo, without any words, to capture a moment from their week.  I’m going to do something similar today, with a twist.  Here is a single image, with no photo, that captures “spirit”:

I am washing dishes at my kitchen sink, looking out the window at the spruce trees, when I see a figure moving slowly, at the other end of the park.  I don’t pay much attention, until about twenty minutes later, when this same figure shows up again; now closer to my backyard.  I see him throw his body forward, pause, and then struggle through the knee deep snow. Several lucky steps on a crusty layer of drifted snow show he is not wearing snow shoes–a bad choice on his part.  Seconds later, his boots plummet out of sight into the powder.

I stay at the window watching him; waiting for my suspicions to be confirmed.

Suddenly he drops his knees, sinks up to his waist and starts pawing through the snow like a wild animal looking for food.  Finally, he finds his buried treasure, staggers to a stand and lunges forward again… throwing his frisbee towards the basket.

I was right.  The fellow is playing disc golf.  In February.  All by himself. On a course mummified by snow.

Whoever you are, hardy disc-golf player, I like you.



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