Herbal balm recipe

I hesitate to write about anything homemade right now.  It seems like a bit of a farce considering we’re straggling through each week and I made this batch of balm awhile ago, but I’m going to go ahead and post this for two reasons (see end of post)…


  1.  2.5 cups oil
  2. 75 grams beeswax  (I use a small kitchen scale whenever I use grated beeswax.  The results are too unpredictable when using volume measures.)
  3. 10 drops of an essential oil (optional)

Yes, it’s that simple.

In the following pictures you will see that I infused my oil with medicinal herbs.  This step in not necessary, but it results in a multi-functional product.

Step One – Infuse oil with herbs.  (There are many different kinds of oil to choose from.  I often use a mix of grapeseed, olive and canola oil).  In this batch I combined some oil I had infused at room temp. for several weeks, with oil infused in a double-boiler.  I used the following garden/wild botanicals: calendula, spruce tips, dandelion blossoms, plantain, red clover, golden rod, and chamomile.

Step two:  Strain herbs out of the oil (I use a bodom coffee press that we don’t make coffee in anymore.)

Step Three:  Grate beeswax and melt in a double boiler.  (It could be the same one you used for infusing the herbs.)

I buy my beeswax in big bricks from a local honey farmer.

Step Four:  Once the beeswax has melted, add the oils and stir until everything is combined.  Take the mix off the heat, add the essential oils, and stir.  Pour into clean sterilized jars and store at room temp.  This lasts a long time.  I’ve never had it go bad yet.

jars of cooled balm

Reason #1 for posting—–Versatility

We reach for this all-natural balm whenever we need

  • an anti-septic wound healer
  • anti-itch cream
  • lip balm
  • muscle relaxant
  • diaper rash cream (the reason I first learned to make it)
  • cough suppressant (Whenever the girls start hacking at night I rub this onto their backs.)
  • psychological cure-all

This is one homemade product where you get a lot of bang for your energy/time buck

Reason #2 for posting—-Upcoming mini-conference for mothers in Manitoba!

On November 3 I will be attending an event for moms called INSPIRE.  There will be workshops (photography, women’s health, clean food, etc), a speaker (me!), and a lunch.  The lovely and talented organizers are also planning to have a  “take-away” table full of good ideas.  Imagine Pinterest in real life.  I will be bringing this balm, and the instructions I typed out here, as my contribution…

If you are interested in attending, leave a comment and I will send you more details.


6 thoughts on “Herbal balm recipe

  1. Hi Tricia,

    When I am very lazy, which is all the time, I make my balms in the microwave as I hate rinsing out pots and containers with all the oil in it. I only make a small batch at a time for diaper cream and don’t worry about sterilizing my jar. I simply put my ingredients in the jar I will use, microwave and stir. Voila, cream made and no cleaning.

    I love the picture of your herb infused oils!

    • The talk is slated as: “One mother’s search for simplicity and community” on the posters…
      I have the title — now I need to organize/write it! Yikes. I’m feeling slightly panicked but trying to take big deep breaths. 🙂

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