A eulogy

Have you ever wanted to write a eulogy for someone?  For someone who was still I alive?  I have.  Not because I wish for this person’s demise, but because she is truly remarkable.

The person I have in mind is totally unassuming, will never try to steal attention away from someone else, and instinctively thinks of others first.  She is the kind of person you could call to give a play-by-play rendition of your trip to the grocery store, while she listens patiently at the other end before telling you she is in the middle of a contraction.  She is the kind of woman who will birth a baby at midnight, suffer from postpartum hemorrhaging, be unable to move on her own, but still remember to call her niece the very next morning to wish her a happy birthday.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the individual to whom I am referring is my sister.  When I called my mom to celebrate the news of my new nephew with her, I commented how my sister remembered Susanna’s birthday while her own newborn was still sucking back colostrum.

“Can I please talk to Susanna, ” she requested feebly.  I immediately passed the phone to my daughter, imagining her auntie lying on her back in the hospital bed.  I watched a smile spread across Susie’s face as her Auntie told her she had tried her hardest to keep the baby inside until Susanna’s birthday, but to no avail.  (Tara had made a separate call right after the birth, so I knew this one was just for Susanna.)

After retelling this to my mom, adding that if it were me, I would have given myself a least a month before doing something so thoughtful, my mom answered back:

“Well that’s typical.  I got a call from her this morning and the first thing she asked was, ‘How are you?’  I told her I wasn’t even going to answer the question.”

Listening to my mom describe the call, I knew I had to write something to draw attention to my sister.  Because, as surely as the boy’s name is Elmer, she won’t do it herself.

So Tara, if you are agile enough to get to a computer and read this, know that I admire you and wish to emulate you.  You are a gracious, authentic, selfless woman and your three! children are lucky to call you mom.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Who are you thankful for in your life?  If you were asked to give a eulogy for that person tomorrow, what would you say?


6 thoughts on “A eulogy

  1. What a wonderful tribute to Tara, you have captured her nature so well. Tara is so thoughtful and good. I am so excited for a new boy for the Friesen clan!

  2. So true, Tricia. In addition to being a wonderful person and sister, I can personally vouch for her being a superb friend; always there, listening, laughing, forgiving, understanding, inspiring – I could go on and on! She’s simply the best friend anyone could ask for. Maybe I should go and tell her this! 🙂

  3. You are a couple of blessed women then, because you are one of the most thoughtful, accepting, joyful people I know and to have a sister that amazing also is a real gift!

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