Good Words: Motherhood and The Dance With No Choreography

Eight years ago, today, I laboured my way into motherhood.

Here is an excerpt, from one of my favourite books, on the topic:

“Your child is a tireless teacher, constantly probing your self-imposed limits and boundaries, your self-centeredness, your sheer stubbornness…

You must be a teacher too.  Of agile exits and negotiations, of quick turns and pirouettes.  Of all the inventive ways to go through life instead of banging it head on.  There is deft elegance to the mother who has mastered this dance, the dance with no choreography.  She is fluid and round.  She smile and laughs easily.  She breezes along as though anything were possible.  Like a child.”

Momma Zen:  Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood, by Karen Maezen Miller

After I read the book, I briefly considered becoming a Buddhist monk.

…  Okay, very briefly.

(Oh, and the book is quite funny; it’s not all flowery, like this quote.)

*My own end of the week tradition: words in song or story that move me in some way.  I might type my very favourite parts in bold text, and I’ll always try to post a link below the quote so you can get more if you want it. Enjoy!


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