Long Distance Grandmas and Goldenrod

This week the girls opened up the front door and found a package on the porch they had anticipating for days.  My daughters belong to a very elite club- “The Surprise of the Month Club”, and their grandma is the ringleader.

Written on the front of the package. Can you guess?

We live over 1000 miles from Stan’s parents.  That means we only see each other about 2 or 3 times a year, at best.  Sending the kids to their house for after-school visits and hanging out with them on a lazy Sunday afternoon are things we just can’t do.  But Grandma Mary Lou has figured out something she can do.  I’m thinking she should consider being an on-line consultant for long distance grandmas.  Take a look at this creative idea and tell me how much you think she should charge for her consulting fees:) …

Bubble Wrap Hopscotch

1.  Cut out 10 squares of bubble wrap (the ones with the quarter-sized bubbles work the best) and write a number on each one with permanent marker.

2.  Set up the squares any way you want for a rip-roaring game.

We had to tape them down because it was a little breezy. They worked great inside.

3.  Enjoy the sound effects!

Here is the woman herself, with her son.

Stan and his mom at a fourth of July parade this summer.


New neighbours moved in, two doors down, this weekend.  I saw the guy for the first time this Saturday when I was biking home with this bouquet.

Biking home with my goldenrod bouquet

I pulled my bike into the driveway to welcome them into the neighbourhood.

He was wearing an AC/DC teeshirt, unloading his weights, and weight bench, into the house.

“It’s a wondeful area,” I told him exhuberantly.  “We’re so close to the edge of town and open fields…”

He looked at me.

“…to pick wild flowers.”

I looked at him.

“You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.”

I’m sure we’ll get along wonderfully.

So, back to goldenrod.  It’s everywhere right now, have you seen it?  It tends to grow in clumps because it propagates through creeping rhizomes.  The blooms smell wonderful and once you find a patch of goldenrod the harvesting doesn’t take long.  (To harvest sustainably from the wild, take no more than 20 %- 25% of the plant material growing in a certain location)

I’m looking forward to using this herb topically. (Read: I tried drinking the tea and almost gagged.  I have NO idea why anyone would consider this a “pleasant” tea, as I’ve read many times.)  I plan on infusing oil with it to make a salve, because of it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, and immune boosting qualities.  During the crusades people also called this plant “woundwort” for its usefulness in treating cuts and stopping blood flow.

The University of Maryland has more information on the medicinal qualities of Goldenrod.

For pictures to help with identification, check this site: Canada Goldenrod Solidago canadensis – Ontario Wildflowers.

Here’s the tea, all set up for a wonderful blog shot (ok, not really). This is after I made myself take 4 or 5 sips, each time reacting with a throaty growl and a shake of the head. I took this photo with the hopes that someone might explain how people get this stuff down, and enjoy it.


One last picture.  I’m sure glad survey sticks don’t need a lot of hay…

Their survey sticks satiated their horse longings, at least for tonight.

8 thoughts on “Long Distance Grandmas and Goldenrod

  1. wow, tricia. you are posting so often! i’m uber-impressed. i love seeing your life and hearing your voice. you inspire me :). kirsten

  2. Snap! Crackle! Pop! What a creative idea!

    I gagged on goldenrod tea too and also made a salve with it last year. 😉 Maybe if you made a tea blend with something stronger to hide the flavour?

  3. Grandma is awesome!
    Dan’s mom sees our kids about once/year but they feel like they know her really well because she is always sending fun, creative packages, like: all the ingredients to make Flubber (ooblek), or homemade books, or all the odds and ends from her “whatsit” drawer.

  4. I love the Grandma idea — very cool!!! And I love reading your musings Tricia! (That’s not how I talk, but I thought it sounded smart!) haha

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