Table Painting: Is this better Mom?

My grandparents bought this table shortly after immigrating to Canada.

Let’s make a bet.  Bring my mother into my dining room and ask her to open up our table to put the extra leaves in, or even wipe it, and I’ll tell you what she’ll say.

“Tricia, I just cannot see what you find attractive about this table.  If it were a nice antique it would be one thing, but it’s wobbly, all marked up, and plain ug…”

And then I’ll say, “I love this table!”  emphatically.

She’ll shake her head and sigh, then we’ll go on to set the table.

I know, because we’ve had this conversation at least thirty or forty times before.

Well, now we’ve got something else to talk about mom.  See how we’ve spruced it up?

Wonderful Judy was over the other day, sitting at our table, when she made the suggestion of painting it.  I’m not sure why I had never thought of that before, but it was a great project.  It turns out table leaves are an ideal canvass-they’re flat and just the right size.   It’s nice to find different surfaces to do artwork on as there is only so much wall space available.

I was going to let the kids do it, but then I couldn’t resist and got my own leaf to paint too.

The finished product. Now we don’t need to run for the table cloth when guests come anymore.



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