Nothing cheers the heart like garlic

It was just before supper when my family looked up at me, all of them wide-eyed.  At first Belén thought I was teasing the girls, mimicking how they fight (we do that sometimes, now that we read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle).  Then she saw my eyes and knew that it was serious.  Daddy and I were not on good terms and I was letting him know it.

After we finished our sombre evening meal I decided to step outside for a little bit of fresh air before starting the bed time routine.

Before I knew it a little bit of fresh air turned into a harvesting frenzy!  With the sun sinking lower behind the trees I started easing  garlic out of the soil.  Anna, my favourite garlic grower, said this was a terrible year for growing garlic, so I was trying not to get my hopes up.  I pulled one out of the earth.


You can see the slugs in the soil. Even though they were all over the leaves they don’t seem to bother the bulbs.

Then some others.

I grow a hard neck variety called “Music”. Even if I didn’t like the flavour,  I still might grow it just for the name.

And finally, all 84 bulbs.

The gold in the leaves means they are starting to die back and the bulbs are ready to harvest.

Not the same mama as the one in a hot kitchen an hour earlier

Soon I began singing, “My Antonia” along with Stan.  He had brought out his guitar and the girls were pretending they were at folkfest with their dollies.  I even started snapping pictures of the lettuce I had let go to seed.  Sometimes it bugs me to see it stretching high and leggy, knowing I didn’t keep on top of the harvest, but tonight they were the promise of seeds and another season.

With the pungent smell of garlic still on my fingertips and bundles of it curing in our garage I am thankful garlic is one thing that produces terrifically in our patch of clay.  And, I am thankful for days that end so much better than their middles.


6 thoughts on “Nothing cheers the heart like garlic

  1. I love how gardening does that. More than once I’ve left the house fuming and within minutes of getting my hands in the dirt, I’m calm again and wonder why I was ever upset in the first place.

  2. Oh how I envy your garlic! I didn’t plant any this year, and wanted to and somehow it didn’t happen. Just today I almost bought some at the store but it said “Made in China” on it and I just couldn’t do it. Your garden looks lovely, and so far I can’t pull myself away from your blog! I’ve read it from top to bottom and love hearing about your lives, your lovely sister, staring at posters, books and garlic. Keep writing! Miss you! Maybe one day we’ll actually talk!!

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