Starting this blog

I’ve always said I would never start a blog.

It’s a waste of time.  Why not live my life instead of write about it? was my motto.  And now, here I am sitting in front of my computer screen while my kids bang in and out of our screen door on a hot July Saturday.

I changed my mind this morning when I saw Stan bent over his half-made kayak, surrounded by tools, dirty rags, bikes, piles of sawdust, butterfly nets and other paraphernalia crammed into our single car garage.

“I’d like to see this picture in a blog,” I told him as I snapped a photo, “with all the junk and chaos exposed.”  I added after a minute,”I guess the finished product would be nice to see too.”

Just like snapshots of mountain panoramas don’t capture the grandeur, this one doesn’t reveal the full extent of the mess. Check later posts to see it in use!

So that was the straw that broke my never-starting-a-blog back.  I realized I wanted to record the mess of the garage but also the reward of a freshly painted boat.  Of course, this blog isn’t really about boats at all, but the messes we get into and anything we are able to salvage from the process.


One thought on “Starting this blog

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